Gallery Installation

Inspired by nature, Laura Buchan has been using the trademarked hanging system Panelclip® for a couple years to install her beautifully carved wood artwork. She said she was first introduced to the system by another artist when he was hanging a 20′combination of art panels. “The trademarked hanging system Panelclip® system is so easy to use in gallery installations and to send home with the buyers. Once I have mounted the clips on the artwork, all they have to do is level the other clip and screw it into the wall. In fact, on some of my pieces I mount the clip flush in the wood so it literally hugs the wall.” Read More

Wall Paneling

Architectural Wall Panels by Bierson. These architectural wall panels come in a variety of textures and custom cuts for business, home or trade show booths! “We prefer to use the Panelclip® system and sell it with our Wall Panels so our customers can have an easy way to install the panels into location. We like that it is simple and secure at the same time.” -Don Bierson Read More

Creative Solution

The Joinery in Woodstock area of SE Portland has been working with Brooklyn Hardware for years. They use a long rail on the back of their shadow boxes, then install shorter clips centered on studs on the wall to ensure a level and accurate fit. Additionally they have used the Panelclip® system for unique bike racks, mirrors and other pieces. “Once you see how easy it is to use Panelclip®, you will think of all kinds of uses for it.” –John
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Wall Canvas

An artist that is known for installation art in public spaces and commissioned pieces uses trademarked hanging system Panelclip® not just on location, but also in her studio when she is painting. It’s true, Laura Bender, has mounted the Panelclip® on her studio wall and rather than using an eisel paints on the canvas while it’s hanging in location. “I like how I can take a couple steps back to look at the painting in progress and know what it will look like on someones wall as well. My wall canvas is really simple and effective… Just the way I love to work!” –Laura Bender
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