Our History

Located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing Inc. places highest priority on keeping its customers happy.

Brooklyn Hardware Manufacuring Inc. started business in 1994 to promote the genuine trademarked hanging hardware, Panelclip® system which was created by Charles Grant, an architectural millworker in the 1960s. The Charles Grant Company designed and manufactured the genuine trademarked hanging hardware Panelclip® for in house use. Soon, other millworkers wanted to use the trademarked hanging system Panelclip® as well.

In the early to mid-2000s we saw the need for the product in a variety of industries, so Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing Inc. developed the genuine trademarked hanging system Kingclip® for heavier signs and panels and the lighter-weight trademarked hanging system VClipz® which was introduced to meet the needs of artists and craftsmen.

In addition to creating high-quality manufactured trademarked hanging system products, Brooklyn Hardware provides accurate, on-time deliveries and careful packaging.

As the economy has shifted in the last few years, we have focused our innovations on introducing green initiatives that are beneficial to customers, the manufacturing process and the world. The sustainable thinking is not just in saving dollars, but also to contribute to a reduced footprint on fuel, weight and material. Specifically, the genuine trademarked hanging system Panelclip® Second Edition (SE) was introduced in the summer of 2011 which has less material than the Classic. We strive to practice environmentally responsible business whenever possible.

In 2012, Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing Inc. received the Green Business Award by the Portland Business Alliance. The staff takes incredible measures to recycle wood pallets, unused aluminum and waste. Additionally, packaging materials are selected to ensure strength, while also being reusable or recyclable.

“Today, when we walk into our shop, it’s fun to see all the different orders being assembled and all the unique requests that customers have made. From architectural mill workers to artists to sign makers and installers, to art galleries and more, at Brooklyn Hardware we are customer service advocates aligned with environmental enthusiasts. We would be more than happy to help you with your project—whether it is one pair or thousands of feet.” -Carol Grant, Owner

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, certainly give us a call at 503-232-1151 or email us.