Ordering Q & A

Q: Will someone be available to answer any questions when I call for information?
A: During business hours we have an experienced knowledgeable person answer the phone. We will be glad to help you with any questions about your project and using our products.
Q: When I place an order, do I need to indicate the sizes of each part?
A: Yes, all Clips are ordered as a two-part hanging hardware system. When planning your order, you will need both a part for the wall and a part for the product that you are hanging.
Q: How many pieces do I need to order?
A: For example, if you buy an 8′-0 length of the trademarked hanging system VClipz®, or a custom-cut length of the trademarked hanging system VClipz®, you will also want to order a custom-cut length or our stock 2″ part for the product you intend to hang.
Q: How many pieces do I need to order when I purchase your 2″ pair?
A: When you order the stock 2″ pairs, you are automatically buying the two hardware parts you need—one for the wall and one for your product you are hanging. In most applications you will place the pair about 12” to 14” apart.
Q: What if I just want to try one pair out to see if I like how it works?
A: We have no minimum order and sending one pair or one foot is fine.
Q: What are your prices?
A: Due to the unstable prices of aluminum, we would like to have you call us at 503-232-1151 or 1-888-232-1151 for the latest pricing on our materials. When we do a quote for you, the prices will be good for 60 days from the quote.
Q: Can I order a part that is not a full foot, say 15-3/4”?
A: Yes. We will cut to any length you wish, including metric. Custom orders are always welcome and we are always happy to provide a quote for any purchase.