Panel Installation Instructions

Panel Hanging Instructions_edited-1

Step 1: Measure the wall height. Make panels at least 5/8” shorter from the ceiling for Panelclip® Classic, Panelclip® SE and VClipz®. Make panels at least 1” shorter from the ceiling for Kingclip® to allow clearance for the wedge portion of the hanger to interlock.

Step 2: Snap a level line on all walls to be paneled. (See Figure No. 1)
NOTE: For 4’-0” x 8’-0” panels, Brooklyn Hardware recommends a minimum of 4 12’-00” lengths of Panelclip®, Kingclip® or 4, 8’-00” lengths of VClipz® on the wall. Fasten 12, 2 1/2” pieces of Panelclip® or Kingclip® parts or 12, 2” pieces of VClipz® on the panel. For panels greater than 4’-00” x 8’-00” use additional parts as needed.

Step 3: Using the level line as a reference, mark the location of the bottom edge of the Panelclip®, Kingclip® or VClipz® on the wall (B line) , making sure that both parts of the hanger will not interfere with the electrical outlets or plumbing fixtures.
(See Figure No. 1.)

Step 4: Using the appropriate fastener for the type of wall surface, attach the hanger to the wall with the angled surface up and the channel facing towards you. NOTE: Lengths of the hangers may need to be shimmed to compensate for wall defects.

Step 5: Make a story pole the same height as the wall and approximately 1” x 1”. Transfer the bottom edge of each hanger (line B) to the story pole. Place a 2 /12” piece for Panelclip® or Kingclip® and a 2” piece for VClipz® interlocked with the 12’-00” hanger on the wall at the edge of the length. Transfer the top edge of the hanger to your story pole (line A).Line “A” will be used to mark the top line of the hanger on the panel. Also, transfer the line locating the bottom of the panel. See Figure No. 2.

Step 6: After aligning the panel bottom with the bottom line on the story pole, transfer the “A” lines to the back of the panel.
See Figure No. 3.

Step 7: Align the hangers with the “A” lines on the panel back with the angles facing down and the channel facing out. Brooklyn Hardware recommends 6 pair (12 pieces) of 2 ½” or 2” hanger per 4’ x 8’panel. See Figure No. 3.

Step 8: Attach the Panelclip®, Kingclip® or VClipz® with the appropriate screw for the panel material. (Pre-drill if necessary.)

Step 9: Hang panels on the wall and position side to side.

Step 10: Pull down with force to wedge the two parts of the Panelclip®, Kingclip® or VClipz® together.