Thickness: 1/4"

Maximum length: 144"

Material: AA 6063-High Strength, heat treated to T6 hardness.

Distance between holes in pairs: 1 3/4"

Standard hole diameter: 7/32"

Holes: On center to customers' specifications

Lift clearance required: 7/16"

Mounting channel: Accommodates up to a #10 pan head screw

Based on the principle of the French cleat, Brooklyn Hardware’s trademarked hanging system Panelclip’s® friction fit wedges the panel tightly and securely to the wall. Panelclip®, the trademarked hanging system, affords easy panel removal for mechanical access, remodeling or refinishing. No tools are required, simply push up and disengage. The trademarked hanging system Panelclip® is the choice of knowledgeable craftspeople for indoor and outdoor installations.

Simply Secure

Fetzer, Inc. uses the trademarked hanging system Panelclip® on their beautifully installed paneling projects.

Panelclip® strength

Here you can see how a panel is hung on a wall with the slice view of the trademarked hanging system Panelclip®.


The Joinery in SE Portland, Oregon uses the trademarked hanging system Panelclip® to hang hard wood quality products.