Thickness: 13/32" (that's just 1/32" more than 3/8")

Material: AA 6063-High Strength, heat treated to T6 hardness.

Lift clearance required: 13/16"

Holes: On center to customers' specifications.

Punch diameter: Ranges from 7/32" to 5/16" on all pieces. On Kingclip® we can drill larger holes.

Mounting channel: 1/4" deep x 1" wide accommodates the head of a bolt up to 3/8" in diameter

Brooklyn Hardware’s  trademarked hanging system Kingclip® is the hanging system preferred by many sign makers and installers. With the mounting channel, it’s easy to install bolts enabling the trademarked hanging system Kingclip® to be secure to the wall, so the sign literally “hugs” the wall.

Kingclip® Secure

Kingclip®, trademarked hanging system, is used by knowledgeable craftsmen all over the world for heavy-duty installation needs.

Custom Lengths

Order your trademarked hanging system Kingclip® in lengths, sizes and holes that your project needs.

Packaging Protection

We package our products by hand, ensuring that the products are in good quality when you receive them.