The trademarked hanging system Panelclip®

In the 1960s, Charles Grant Company designed and manufactured the trademarked hanging system Panelclip® which is based on the french cleat. The clip system was used for many years to install paneling and projects. Others in the construction industry began to notice how quick their installation process went, as well its security, and wanted the  trademarked hanging system Panelclip® to use as well.

Soon craftsmen all over Oregon were asking about it and purchasing it for their needs as well. In 1994, Charles son Michael and his wife, now owner, Carol Grant, turned the product manufacturing into a full time business and began distribution all over the world.

Brooklyn Hardware, LLC now has three sizes—lightweight for artwork to heavyweight for signage. The trademarked hanging system Panelclip® is made with T6 aluminum providing the strongest material for secure installations.

For additional questions, call Brooklyn Hardware at 503-232-1151.

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